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What is FaceArticles?

FaceArticles is a free database of hundreds articles where you can find fresh articles and submit/publish your own contents for your websites, ezines, or newsletters. 

Web-based communities have become important places for people to seek and share expertise. We find that networks in these communities typically differ in their topology from other online networks such as the World Wide Web. Systems targeted to augment web-based communities by automatically identifying users with expertise, for example, FaceArticles.

We explore algorithms that combine content information (to differentiate specific knowledge) and structural information in order to develop more advanced online community based expertise finders.

May I publish articles I find on FaceArticles on my website?

You may add articles to your website but you must keep full author credit with all its respective links, a link to FaceArticles must keep the article intact (no editing) and keep all links active, and comply with our Terms of Use. FaceArticles reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior warning.

How much it cost money to submit articles to FaceArticles?

There is not charge for submit/publish any content or articles on our site. We run advertising on our site to help us keep the site running free of charge.

How to contact the author of an article?

Every article has a mini bio from the author and you can contact him/her directly.

: None of your personal or business information will show up in our web site, nor will any of it show up in your articles (except for your author name and any information you send to us when you submit each article). Your privacy is important to us and we will not violate the trust you place in us. You have full control; your articles or your account can be removed at any time upon your request.




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