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The Coolest Tech Gadgets for Teachers


The question of teaching and teachers in general has always been one of my favourite topics, as both my and my husband’s mom are teachers. They are both very much dedicated to their profession, a...

How to Write Like a Professional


Good writing is difficult to define. Obviously, it will be grammatically correct and spelling error free, but it goes further than that. When writing is good it's almost invisible. You're not l...

Write and Share your Article for Millions


Publish/Share any article from FACEARTICLES in your ezine, website, blog, forum or RSS feed.→ Write about your expertise area→ Submit your original articles for free→ Share your knowledge wit...

The Importance of Translating into your Mother Tongue


"Language is culture, and hence I strongly believe that a translation must be focused in the cultural aspects of the target audience rather than simply changing words from one language to another....

Want to Make More Money From your Writing?


Want To Make More Money From Your Writing?By Mara Reid RogersThe Party Line:You know how when you go to a party, or any get-together for that matter, and the first question someone asks you is "Wha...

How to Set your Translation Rates by Using Objective Information


“How to set your translation rates by using objective information” by Corinne McKay  Setting your translation rates:Possibly the most anxiety-provoking aspect of launching your translation b...